The Fort Independence Air Quality Program is dedicated to air quality research, assessment and prevention. Therefore understanding the air quality of the Reservation and its surrounding area is vital to promoting tribal awareness and preserving the health and well being of its tribal members.

The Tribal Air Program has and will continue to place a high commitment on community education and outreach. Particular emphasis involves working with youth groups and community members to support the relationship of our cultural resources, natural environment, and modern approaches to preserving our environment. The webpage provides near real-time meteorological and PM10 data from the Tribe’s meteorological station located on the Northern end of the Reservation. Follow the weather link to obtain current hourly weather data including: temperature, humidity, precipitation, solar radiation, barometric pressure, wind speed, wind direction and PM 10 readings.

This data can be used by the Tribe to provide the community with information about the quality of their air. In addition, the Tribe has completed an emissions inventory, developed Quality Assurance Project Plans (QAPP) for both the meteorological station and the TEOM PM10 monitor, have begun developing a Radon program and have partnered with other Tribal air programs and various government entities.

Meteostar Website