Welcome to Fort Independence Indian Reservation

In the early 1850’s, the United States Army established the Fort Independence military camp on what is known today as the Fort Independence Indian Reservation. The Army diverted water, grew crops and started wood lots to provide for the soldiers. This drew many native people to the surrounding area around the camp because of the food and supplies that were there. By this time, many farmers and ranchers had been diverting water for crops thereby reducing the amount of water the native plants and grasses so intimately depended on. Living off the land was becoming increasingly harder and forced the native people to work for the settlers in order to provide for their families .......

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Tribal Programs



The Development and Housing Commission engages in community development activities and housing activities; their primary purpose being to improve the physical, economic and social environment of the reservation.


Tribal Historic Preservation Officers (THPOs) have the responsibilities of tribal preservation on our reservation by advising and working with local and federal agencies to protect our cultural resources.


Our mission is to protect, monitor, restore, and regulate natural resources by honoring and protecting all life, land, and traditions.

Economic Development

Fort Independence has owns and operates the largest fuel depot in the Eastern Sierras. Along with a 1,500 sqft gaming casino, the tribe also provides a large convenience store and campground with RV hook-ups.


Our tribe has developed an agency to monitor and govern our water supply.